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Fish-Eye Network Camera

Panorama and detail, PiXORD PS760D dual lens camera provides a professional single camera solution. Integrated with Dual 5-Megapixel sensors, one equipped with f 1.05mm non-linear fisheye lens offers 180/360 degree de-warped image, for the other sensor, lens is 6, 8, 12, 16mm optional. Dual sensors gimbals work independently and can be configured to any direction, and de-warping algorithms are 180/360 degree selectable depends on fisheye lens configuration. PS760D offers a professional and efficient solution for commercial, industrial, and public areas.

PiXORD PD737 is the latest Fish-eye Network Camera, featuring a 5MP resolution sensor with superb image quality. Equipped with a fish-eye lens for 180° & 360° panoramic view without blind spots. To better protect Hsinchu city against crime and crisis, Hsinchu City Police Department looked to upgrade its video surveillance system. The police officers will rely heavily on the system for the traffic monitoring and avenue surveillance. The scale of this tender is installed lots of Fish-eye cameras in Hsinchu City in 2014.