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PB731I/P end-of-life Notice

First, Pixord thanks for your choosing PB731I/P camera since Dec, 2012.

During this period of time, Pixord make all-out effort to provide best user experience on P2P Service.

We feel regret to inform that PB731I/P camera has been phased-out; Qlync company in charge of P2P Service put out of business at the end of 2017 also. 

It means Pixord would not continue any feature/bug maintenance, whether website or App&Apk on mobile phone; only can handle camera problem debug.

Recently, Gmail account user is fail to login iPIXORD website & App because of Google OAuth login policy changed.

So sorry for the delay announcement, please accept our apology on any inconvenience.

We would need your continued support in the future and would strive to provide better services to help you meet your business goals.



首先, 感謝各位自201212月起對PB731I/P攝影機的青睞以及選擇。

在這段期間, 一碩致力於讓每個使用者都能感受P2P Service帶來的便利。

但是很遺憾地, PB731I/P機種自2017年底正式停產; 負責提供P2P服務的京浩科技也於2017年底歇業。

這表示對於任何iPIXORD網站和行動設備上的錯誤以及功能, 一碩將無法提供技術上的維護, 僅能支援攝影機本身的問題處理。

近日Google針對Gmail帳號的登入政策進行改版, 所以在iPIXORD網站和行動設備上, Google帳號的登入都會因為不符合最新的規範而被拒絕。

非常抱歉太晚公告此項訊息, 對於給使用者造成的諸多不便,我司深感抱歉。

在未來的日子裡, 需要您持續支持, 我司也必定會提供更好的服務來滿足您的需求