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VDSL2 Outdoor Repeater with Remote Power Feeding over Twisted-Pair Cable

PiXORD VDE-612pd VDSL2 Repeater offers a cost-effective solution for high speed VDSL2 network connection over the existing copper wires infrastructure. It be installed in the place between DSLAM and End User to extend the range and increase broadband bandwidth, solve the high-speed broadband demand of the long-distance users.

VDE-612pd is fully compliant with ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 standard, and supports VDSL2 profile up to 30a. Using Remote Power Feeding technology allows the VDE-612pd VDSL2 Repeater worked without local power as a stand alone unit.

By deploying the VDSL repeater, operators can increase the end to end VDSL data rate and extend the service coverage easily.